C.F. Martin 1894 0-42

Beautiful original condition style 42.  At the time, this was the top of the Martin line.

Tuning pegs, pyramid style bridge, nut, saddle, top and back body binding, and fingerboard binding all made of ivory. An abalone pearl border is inlaid on the top of the guitar.   An additonal connecting link of pearl is inlaid around the end of the fingerboard, and abalone is also inlaid into the soundhole ring, as well as the ivory bridge pins, end pin, and button on the back of the headstock.   Beautiful wood marquetry with arrow design in backstripe.  The back and sides are French Polished Brazilian Rosewood, the top is red spruce, and the fingerboard is simple ebony, without inlays, as was customary at the time.  Dove tail joined headstock and neck with volute.  Scalloped X style braces.  
Serial numbers were not given to Martin guitars until 1898.  The date 1894 is handwrtitten on the underside of the top.  "C. F. Martin & Co. New York" is stamped inside the guitar on the neck block and on the center strip inside the back.  "C. F. Martin & Co. Nazareth, PA" is stamped on the back of the headstock.

This guitar is illustrated in "The Martin Book: A Complete History of Martin Guitars" by Walter Carter, as well as the book "Martin Guitars: An Ilustrated Celebration of America's Premier Guitarmaker" by Jim Washburn and Richard Johnston.








 Wahburn & Johnston


 Walter Carter





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